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Brand Ambassadors

NIBZ is recruiting Brand Ambassadors of ALL ages! We’re on the hunt for passionate individuals that connect with our brand, as well as with the community around them. Brand Ambassadors will help others connect with NIBZ by promoting our product in positive and active posts on the web, or by simply sharing a promo code with others.  In return you will receive: free gear, discounts for family and friends, publicity via our social media channels, website features/profile, invites to ambassador events, involvement in brand/ product research and development & develop great friendships along the way. 

Apply by emailing, applications close Nov 1st 2017



  • Submit 2-3 photos per month that can be used by nibz on social media channels
  • Participate in product photoshoots when possible
  • Spread the word about how rad NIBZ is.
  • Participate in product R & D; give feedback 
  • Invite friends to like the Nibz Facebook page, insta etc..
  • Instagram tag lines when appropriate #keepwarm #shredlonger @nibzsnow
  • #nibzbandanaz #nibzbalaclavas #premiumwinteraccessories #nibznecktubes 
  • Chance to win a spot to race @ the Baker Banked Slalom (Experienced snowboarders only)