Introducing Erika Langman, Ontario team rider.

Hello friends!

My name is Erika Sandra Langman and I hail from Collingwood, Ontario. I spend the majority of my winter days pursuing the endless search for pow in mountains of Blue –or shall I say hills since it’s slightly more accurate?

That’s right I live, work & ride at Blue Mountain where I organize all the events for the resort. Vertical drop aside, we actually have a great scene of park riders who base success on the number of laps we can get in each day. Ontario prides itself on creativity, and you really see it unfold with the features that come out of the resorts, video parts hitting the streets and the sheer number of events that take place to keep everyone pushing their limits.

In the summer I spend my time all over the map competing in the WWA Wakepark World Series for cable wakeboarding. For those who don’t know what cable wakeboarding is picture a terrain park on a lake with a rope tow 15 feet in the air pulling you over jumps and rails. Cool right? For you park rats out there check it – it’s a pretty good alternative to trucking snow out of arenas.

I’m stoked to be a part of the Nibz crew – I would have it no other way. The face masks are ninja protection from the likes of snow guns, howling winds, and icy faceplants. True Ontario-style full coverage.

Photocred @erinhelstern

Photocred @erinhelstern

A new season, new site, new products.

A new season is amongst us. With a new season comes change, and there have been a few changes here at nibz. First off a new site and online store. Nibz is now exclusively selling online. Secondly, tons of NEW products have been added, balaclavas, neck tubes and headbands. Check them out. There is something for everyone in the family. 

Posted on October 17, 2013 .